The Sweet & Sour Baker

When Life Isn't A Piece of Cake....Bake one.


Hi, I'm Erica.

I'm a working mother of 2 voracious eaters. On the weekdays I'm a Writer/ Producer for TV. But on the weekends, I eat...and BAKE. Because life as a mom is just plain hard. I need dessert! Or at least a carb. This is a full carb zone!

It doesn't matter how perfect your kids are. Caring for these little lives and making sure that they're healthy is enough to give someone a nervous breakdown! I struggle with organic versus non organic. How much sugar is too much sugar? How many carbs should they be eating? A portion as big as their fist!? Really? Growing up our bowls of rice were 3 times that size! These are thoughts our moms never had, but we do...everyday. So I'm saying lets do it in moderation. Bread, chocolate, and fruit. Because a blueberry muffin is still fruit right?

This my way of adding some sweetness to a life that isn't always a piece of cake. And celebrating all those sweet and sour mommy moments that happen in between. Thanks for visiting!

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