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Fluffy Yellow Birthday Cake with Nutella Frosting

I don't need much of a reason to bake a cake, but the month of August is chalk full of reasons for me! Three birthdays in one month, including my own, makes it one big month! And by big, that includes my waistline! But more on that in another post! I love cake. I actually love cake more than frosting, it's the carb-a-holic in me. So my cakes will always have a higher cake to frosting ratio. Sorry frosting lovers! It's still going to be there because it makes a cake just so gosh darn pretty, but I go for all the good stuff in the middle. And I gotta say this Vanilla Birthday Cake with Nutella Frosting is GOOD STUFF! So for the first birthday of the month, my dear brother in law (who is a big supporter of this blog and all my recipe testing) gets first dibs.

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